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Zano: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance (Nozaroc Alien Warrior Book 3)

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Veva Sol’s scorching-hot, sci-fi, alien-abduction romance.




He’s too terrifying to be my fated mate… but it only makes me want him more.

Abducted by aliens twice and sold to an alien brothel. Could a girl have any worse luck? I don’t remember the first abduction, but this time, I’m put on display like a human doll—expected to service bird-like aliens that smell worse than they look. As each day passes, I know I’m closer to death than ever finding freedom.

Until the alien brute arrives.

I watch him from afar, captivated yet terrified. After trying and failing to escape, I’m thrown into a cell with him. He’s massive and golden with deadly claws and bulging spiked muscles. I’m fascinated with every growled breath. I can’t tear my eyes off the golden mist surrounding his skin. It smells so irresistible, I’m sent into a frenzy.

I want to trust the beast, but ultimately… will he kill me or save me? 

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