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Charm School Lip Service 6

Lip Service ecover(1).jpg

A super-steamy, SECOND CHANCE, romantic comedy that delivers all the feels in one heart-stopping, sexy romance.

"Stacks of muscles and he's smart? He's a herd. A hot-nerd! Oh God, that's exactly my type."


Ren Skala has sworn off men for years. Until she meets Theo, aka the Cuban—a shredded MMA fighter with a genius IQ. How's she supposed to resist a man like that?

Super-hot nerds are her sweet spot. Her plan is to bury her nose in work and avoid that sinfully-sexy man like the plague. Until she's coerced into attending one of the famous charm school adult classes. This naughty lesson is just for the boys, entitled...Lip Service.


Guess who else decides to show up?

Theo Romero's only ever loved one woman.


That loss cemented his heart, made it impervious to love—until he meets Ren. She's his second chance—he can feel it in his bones.

He's fascinated by her quirky laugh and endless kindness. But her beautiful eyes hint at pain...and old secrets. Maybe it's time to put a few techniques from the class to good use, and convince her he puts his money where his mouth is.


Every time.

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