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Xefe: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance (Nozaroc Alien Warrior Book 1)

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Veva Sol’s first in series scorching-hot, sci-fi, alien-abduction romance.




He’s a beautiful alien bastard… but is he also my fated mate?

On earth, I’m a racer. I always thought nothing was worse than fighting for my life to protect my sister and I… until I’m abducted by aliens. Bird-like freaks who bring me to their pleasure planet and force me to fight in deadly arena games. Sadly, since the abduction, life hasn’t changed that drastically.

Same struggle… different planet.

But now the odds are so much higher.

Until I meet a spiked golden warrior-- a grumpy god with a massive, vibrating, ((ahem))… chip on his shoulder.

Thanks to a mysterious alien substance that we humans call Oro—my reflexes are enhanced, along with a mating heat that makes me tremble. My girly parts may be on overdrive, but I’m determined to battle my way out of the games and back to earth. Back to my sister. The alien with attitude has other plans.

He’ll never let me go. I’ll never stop trying to escape. 

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