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Charm School All Nighter 2

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"If you want that man, you need to fight dirty--porn star dirty, bottom of your shoe dirty, soap scum dirty... Do I need to go on?"

A Secret Longing...

Quiet and reserved Professor Brynn Calvo always plays by the rules.

After inheriting a bankrupt charm school, Brynn and her sisters devise a full proof plan to keep the doors open.

Since no one goes to charm school anymore, they'll teach naughty, adult classes to save the school from foreclosure.

Her topic: Toys. Adult toys--pulsating, shaking, and undulating devices that she knows absolutely nothing about.

She has seven days to find an experienced volunteer to help her with the class.

Only one man comes to mind.

A Wicked Proposal...

Time to break all the rules.

She's willing to risk it all: her career and her reputation--for one red-hot week, between the sheets, with a rough-edged, MMA fighter.

Alexei Park.

He's a wall of muscle, painted in tattoos, and sprinkled with soul-wrenching secrets--a walking dream.

He's also off limits.

How can she convince him she's ready to risk her job, and her heart, for more than a few days of vibrating delight?

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