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Charm School: After Dark 1

After Dark ecover(3).jpg

"I know that wicked smile—and the stupid face surrounding it."

When fashionista Caelen Calvo and her sisters inherit a bankrupt charm school, they have no idea how to keep the place from foreclosing.

Who goes to charm school anymore?

Solution to the problem: teach naughty, adult classes to keep the doors open. Caelen has to instruct the first class on Oral Instruction. Oral, what? Does that mean ((gulp))... mouth hugs?

Next problem? She needs a temporary guinea pig to help her research the delicate subject matter even though she's sworn off men. Someone reliable, dependable... and boring enough that she'll never get attached.

So why can't she get her bull-headed, arrogant, and sexy-as-sin arch nemesis off her mind? He absolutely tortured her as a kid—why should she give him the time of day?

Firefighter Dare Lagos has been in love with Caelen since middle school.

One game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, years ago, and he'd fallen hard.

As a member of the elite Hotshot crew, he fights for what he wants—and he wants Caelen. He has one chance to make this relationship last a lifetime. If she needs a volunteer to test her techniques, he'll make sure the only name on her short-list... is his.

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