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Charm School Night Play 3

Night Play ecover(1).jpg

A super-steamy--FRIENDS TO LOVERS--romantic comedy that delivers all the feels in one heart-stopping, sexy romance.

"If I win the race, I get to help you research the class, right? Let's naked-shake on it, to seal the deal."

She wants a sizzling fling...
No one messes with Athena Calvo--and that's half the problem because she needs a man ASAP.

She recently inherited a bankrupt charm school with her sisters--and according to them, she's on the roster to teach the next naughty, adult class.

All in the name of keeping the school open.

Her topic: Sensation Play.

She has one week to immerse herself in blindfolds, silk scarves, wax play, and more!

She needs a man to help with hands-on research, as long as he understands it's a short-term commitment.

There's just one problem... the only man who meets all her criteria has other ideas.

He wants forever...

Tommy Lagos never takes life too seriously.

He's a beast in the ring and between the sheets.

His shredded muscles and wicked charm have taken him far, but behind his cocky grin lives a fire to fight for everything that matters--especially Athena.

He'll own her body, one blindfold at a time, but can he seduce her into risking her guarded heart?

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