Charm School Billionaire Bad Boy: Lesson 4

Arrogant, willful, and sexy as sin.
Ruthless Willem Charles is as merciless in the boardroom as he is in the bedroom. When he finds his grandmother’s charm school has been swindled by the Calvo Quads, he will fight dark and dirty to secure his family’s legacy. Even if it means he has to move in. The only obstacle is Dacey Calvo and his growing obsession with her killer curves and quick wit.

Cheerful, bubbly, and whip-smart.
Irrepressible Dacey has never gotten busy in the boardroom or the bedroom. She’s finally ready to ditch her virginity for the man she loves. Willem, a.k.a. the handsome Devil, is the subject of her nighttime fantasies—his searing blue eyes promise wicked delights. He has no idea just how persistent she can be when there’s something she wants.

She’ll teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.
Dacey must teach the next naughty class on Video Lovemaking. Can she overcome past trauma and star in her own amateur video? There’s only one man talented enough to become her research assistant. Her sisters want to banish the handsome Devil, but she needs him to stay. Can she find a way to have her billionaire and appease her sisters, too?

This is the fourth, full-length book in the searing-hot Charm School Series. You don’t have to read previous books to enjoy this one. But beware, you will become addicted. One is never enough!