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Loxo: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance (Nozaroc Alien Warrior Book 2

Veva Sol’s instantly addictive, sci-fi, alien-abduction romance.

Sweet or sinister?

Kind or conniving?

Docile or deadly?

He says he’s my fated mate… I say he’s insane.

I watch the massive alien with stacks of golden muscle and two different colored eyes. He doesn’t fool me, no matter how many times he swears his devotion. I notice what others don’t--his kind words disappear when his eyes swirl. Something changes and he becomes other.

Someone threatening, sinister… and it calls to the darkness in me.

Abducted from earth and stashed in an alien hideaway, I avoid the warrior aliens like the plague. They’re looking for fated mates. I want my freedom. The other humans may have been suckered in by the mating heat—caused by an alien substance we call Oro—but I’m not falling for it. My plan is to stay quiet and wait for my opportunity to flee.

But Loxo won’t leave me alone. Obsessed, and promising his undying love, the spiked warrior doesn’t understand I have my own secrets… ones that leave scars.

When he’s kind, it melts my heart—but his darker side, his secret side, leaves me breathless.

But as I surrender to this all-encompassing hunger—I learn our connection could kill us both. 

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