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Charm School Quickie 1.5

Quickie ecover(1).jpg

A super-steamy, FAST-PACED, romantic comedy that delivers all the feels in one heart-stopping, sexy romance.

Quickie, anyone?

Caelen Calvo wants it all. . .

The next few hours will get her a super-sexy boyfriend who makes her toes curl; a fledgling charm school that teaches adult classes; and the chance to teach a real and raunchy class on oral instruction.

She just has to figure out how to teach techniques like the Sucker and Pucker and the Ball Juggler, while keeping the uninhibited class under control!

Brynn Calvo never gets what she wants. . .

She's watching Caelen instruct the down-and-dirty techniques from way in the back of the room, mortified that she may have to teach next.

Hopefully, no one will notice her swiping at her phone, gazing longingly at the sexiest man she's ever seen: Alexei Park--a delicious blend of tattoos, broodiness, and stacks and stacks of muscles.

When the fickle hand of fate, or was that her sister, chooses her to teach the next class, she has no one to turn to for help. Or does she?

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