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Gargoyle Legend Book 1

Monsters stalk the night.

Irisa Smith has one fear, walking under the moonlit sky. A witness to the savage murder of her parents, she has spent the last twelve years of her life neglected and alone. Compelled to return to the caves she once played in as a child, she discovers a living statue made of glistening black marble. Hauntingly beautiful, he represents her greatest nightmare and most illicit dreams. Only she has the power to release him from his eternal imprisonment, but to do so she must accept the power thrumming under her skin—one fueled by her worst terror: the night.

He has yearned for her in the darkness.

Antares is Gargoyle. Betrayed by one of his own, he was trapped in stone and left to die. Imprisoned in the shadows, she alone calls to him, her power and spirit a beacon in the dark. His destiny has always been, and always will be, Irisa. Her soft touch tempers the endless fury that fills him, and stirs a white hot desire in his veins. Together they must escape a crumbling mountain and flesh-eating Fiends. He must teach Irisa about her past, awakening the powers of her birthright as the last Mooncaller and his people’s only hope for survival.

This novella will melt stone hearts! It contains ferocious Fiends and sizzling Gargoyles that will set your blood on fire! Intended for readers 18+.